‘The Ruler’ to Be Staged During Nature Island Literary Festival

footage (1)Veteran Dominican playwright, Dr. Alwin Bully says, a play written by him 38 years ago, will be staged during this year’s Nature Island Literary Festival scheduled for August.

The play, titled “The Ruler”, a political drama, was based on the 1972 novel, “Ruler in Hiroona” by the late G.C.H. Thomas of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.






Veteran Dominican playwright, Dr. Alwin Bully

Veteran Dominican playwright, Dr. Alwin Bully

“The Ruler” was first performed in 1976 by the Peoples Action Theatre to rave reviews in Dominica, Barbados, St. Vincent and Antigua.

This time around the play is expected to take place at the Arawak House of Culture; any time after August 7th, during the Literacy Festival.






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Mr. Bully says he would like the play to be transformed it into a movie but doing so is very expensive.

He added too that he will be making every effort to ensure the play is staged during the Festival.

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