The Small Business Association elects a new Board of Directors

At a general meeting of the Small Business Association of Dominica, held at the Fisheries Complex Conference Room, on Wednesday, August 18, 2010, a new Board of Directors was elected. The members of the Board are as follows: 

President: Mr. Oliver P. Joseph

Vice President: Mr. Jerome Lavashire

Secretary: Miss Christine John

Treasurer: Mr. Matthew Gilbert

PRO: Mr. Jean Etienne

Assist. Secretary/Treasurer: Mr. Earl James


Five trustees, i.e. representatives of the five subsector zones will be presented to the Board for its completion at a subsequent board meeting. Representatives throughout the island from as far as Penville in the North to Grand Bay in the South were in attendance.


The election process was conducted by the SBAD’s consultant Mr. Nigel Lawrence. In his new vision of the next stages of the SBAD Mr. Joseph stated that they would embark as a priority to seek a forum with the Minister for Trade responsible for small businesses to determine how the SBAD can benefit from the $2 million dollars budgeted last month for the Small Business.


 Notwithstanding the global financial challenges we will attempt more vigorously to seek assistance from our private sector partners, regional and global institutions in order to alleviate the current plight of the Dominican small business persons who have been marginalized, denigrated and are confronted with daily challenges for their economic survival. The SBAD pledges to bring the problems of small businesses to the forefront and to see to it that they become recognized as meaningful contributors to the development of Dominica.


We have successfully initiated a working relationship with the Ministry of Agriculture as the data indicates some 51% of the private sector are agriculturally linked. With the recent and unrelenting spate of natural disasters globally from earthquakes, the huge destruction of wheat fields by fire in Russia, the massive floods in Pakistan, and elsewhere, experts have already predicted significant increase in food prices.


Back home there is need for farmers to be assisted with a food security program so that they can immediately return to their farms through cash incentives in an attempt to establish their own food reserve for their own survival.


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