The United Workers Party to stage a peaceful protest in front of the Financial Center next week



The United Workers Party is calling on all its supporters as well as concerned Dominicans to gather in large numbers in front of the Financial Center on Friday December 17th, 2010 in support of the party, who will staging a peaceful protest, as they continue to press  for electoral reform.


This disclosure was made by Leader of the United Workers Party Ron Green, who was at the time addressing the sixth session of the People’s Parliament at St. Joseph last evening.


"We are calling on all Dominicans, concerned citizens, patriots, women, youth, farmers, the unemployed and employed…no matter what’s your political color we are calling on you to gather in front of the Financial Center on Friday December 17th, to signal a new day for democracy in Dominica,” exclaimed Green.


The United Workers Party will also be conducting a series of public meetings in the coming weeks. The first meeting will be held in the community of Mahaut on December 11th, the second, in Soufriere and Pointe Mitchel on December 14th and the third in the village Salisbury on December 16th, 2010.

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