The Voice of Truth

Writer and coordinator of the play, Ms. Cathy Augustine

The Hunger and Thirst after Righteousness presents “The Voice of Truth”, a play filled with drama, laughter and a message that will uplift anyone on Friday, October 12th.

Writer and coordinator of the play Ms. Cathy Augustine, says the play is targeted towards everyone and not just the younger generation.

Ms. Augustine believes the play will be life changing for any individual facing any sort of trouble.

Treasurer of the Group Mr. Jerry Maxwell, says he is very comfortable with the role that he plays, and he could almost relate to this character.

Secretary of the Group Ms. Annisia Jno Baptiste, says the message behind the play is to differentiate between malicious voices and the right choices.

Secretary of the Group, Ms. Annisia Jno Baptiste

P.R.O of the group Ms. Nabiner George, stated that she plays two roles and being part of the play has had a positive impact on her life.

She says this is why she is urging the public to come to the play.

Tcikets cost $12 for children 12 years and under, and $25 for adults.

The play will take place at the Arawak House of Culture at 7pm.

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