The Waterfront and Allied Workers Union frowns on MARPIN2K4’s decision to increase its Cable TV fees

The union representing the staff of MARPIN2K4, the Waterfront and Allied Workers Union (WAWU) have condemned the company’s decision to implement an increase in cable TV fees as of October 1st, 2010.


President of WAWU, Mr Kertist Augustus said that if MARPIN2K4 is not careful, the vision that it has in terms of generating revenue to protect the jobs of its employees could have negative rebounding effects. Mr Augustus made this comment after MARPIN2K4 proposed an increase from $57.50 to $84.50, a few weeks ago.


According to Augustus, ‘the union fears that this new move taken by MARPIN2K4 can have a rebounding effect on the staff of the company. Anything that would put the staff’s jobs in jeopardy will not be supported by the union.’


Mr Augustus noted that the information given to the public and the union by the management of MARPIN2K4 is also misleading and inconsistent.


‘We were told at first that this is a new company, however we are hearing that management is saying that Marpin hasn’t seen an increase since 2004. How can you talk about a price increase if you are saying that this is a new company that just started in 2009? They are confusing customers,’ said Augustus.


The WAWU president said that over the years WAWU has been and will continue to represent the staff of MARPIN2K4, in their efforts to ensure job security.


‘We thought it would have been better if they gradually increase their fees instead of a forty percent increase one time. If they continue to lose customers like they are already doing, WAWU will be prepared to ensure job security,’ said Augustus.


While majority of Dominicans are against MARPIN2K4’s decision, Dominica’s only local cable TV provider SAT Telecommunications Ltd has assured their customers that their cost for cable TV will remain at $46.

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