The world rivers day committee calls for laws to protect Dominica’s 365 rivers

The world rivers day committee is calling on the relevant authorities to implement laws to protect Dominica’s 365 rivers, as preparations for the 2010 world rivers day celebrations intensifies.


Public Relations Officer of the committee, Father Franklyn Cuffy told SAT TV news that while the committee is working with other stakeholders in promoting the safety of rivers on the island, the role of each individual and community remains critical.


He believes that the implementation of laws to protect this natural resource will most definitely; highlight the value of Dominica’s rivers.

 According to Cuffy, “we are planning of zoning our rivers and we are hoping that soon we’ll have laws to protect the border zones or water catchment areas of the rivers.”


The 2010 world rivers day celebrations will be held at the Kalinago Barana Aute in Carib Territory on September 26th, 2010.


Father cuffy said that this year the committee is advocating the need for communities and business enterprises to adopt a river.


The theme for this year’s observation of world rivers day is ‘where have our 365 rivers gone?’


The committee is hoping that each community will conduct separate activities to mark the importance of the rivers in their respective communities, throughout the month of September.


Some of the partners for this year’s observation include the Waitukubuli National Trail, Forestry Division, the Ministry of Environment and Health Department, a number of village councils, DOWASCO and various primary and secondary schools on the island.


The Dominica Scouts Association who has taken up the challenged to identify, the island’s 365 rivers, is also a partner.

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