Things You Should Know About Elections in Venezuela

This year, Venezuela will hold presidential elections on October 7th and state elections on December 16th.

They will be overseen by the independent branch of government known as the National Electoral Council (CNE), which guarantees the efficiency and transparency of electoral processes.

Under Venezuela’s new system of participatory democracy, 15 elections and referenda have been conducted in the last 13 years, while in the previous 40 years, just 25 elections were held.

Thanks to efforts by the CNE to increase voter participation, 96.5% of eligible adults in Venezuela are registered to vote, which is over 19.1 million people out of a population of 27.1 million.

To encourage voting, the CNE has increased the number of voting centers in Venezuela from 8,278 to 14,025 since the year 2000, and also increased the number of individual polling stations from 7,000 to 38,236.

Venezuela has had some of the region’s highest rates of voter turnout in recent years, and Venezuela’s 2012 elections will feature special voting centers accessible to the handicapped, which is one of several initiatives by the CNE to improve technologies and guarantee all citizens the right to vote.

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