Third health walk held in the city of Roseau

The health promotion unit has responded to recent calls made by the Mayor of Roseau, His Worship Cecil Joseph, to spearhead monthly walks in and around the city of Roseau. This call came amidst efforts by the Ministry of Health to promote walking geared at reducing the spread of non-communicable diseases on the island.


Scores of persons turned out to walk through the city on Saturday, June 26th, in support of the health walk. National coordinator of the Health Promotion Unit at the Ministry of Health, Mrs Helen Royer said that the walk was aimed at promoting world blood donor day, observed in early June.


“Since that was also our target at the Ministry of Health, we decided to collaborate with other partners in this regard, and today marks the third of such walks. Today, we are walking in respect of blood donation which was celebrated on June 14th, 2010 in Dominica, Nurse Royer said.


Ms Pierre of the Blood Bank Unit at the Princess Margaret Hospital said that their goal is to build a solid blood donor base in support of this year’s theme, ‘new blood for the world’.


“We also want to raise the awareness that we want to have voluntary blood donors; people who will come to give of the own accord, not because they have to replace blood or because a family member needs blood. We need them to come voluntarily to donate blood” Pierre emphasized.


Any healthy person between the ages of 18 and 66 can join the many voluntary donors who currently donates, what some call, ‘the gift of life’.



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