Thomas Letang Says PM Should Have Consultations With Stakeholders for 2012 Budget

Thomas Letang

General Secretary of the DPSU, Mr. Thomas Letang says, at this late stage when people’s opinions are being sought, he questions if it makes any sense because, whatever is going to be part of the budget would have already been decided.

He said on July 17th when the budget is brought to Parliament, at this stage members of Parliament will just be allowed to give their opinions on the budget.

Mr. Letang says if such discussions were held nine months ago, after the consultations, the opinions of all stakeholders, hoteliers, employers federation, trade unionist and nongovernmental organizations would have been taken into consideration, in coming up with the budget.

He pointed out that if this was done, the budget would truly be a representation of the people’s views and opinions.

Mr. Letang added that a comparison of the tourism and agricultural industry should have been done, since there has been a shift from agriculture to focus more on tourism which was never a good move, especially seeing now the tourism industry is not doing well as expected, partly due to the global economic crisis.

The DPSU’s General Secretary highlighted a plan in an effort to take advantage of the regional markets available for agriculture.
Areas such as job creation, generation of revenue, unemployment, and agriculture were pointed to be some of the main issues this budget should address.

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