Three lucky winners of Kairi FM’s End of Summer Promotional Draw walk away with school supplies


Devon Leogal of Bath Road, Jeremiah Defoe and Denise Labassiere of Jimmit are the three lucky winners of Kairi FM Radio Station and Subway’s End of Summer Promotional Draw. Participants’ of Kairi FM’s Educational Program which is being hosted by Sir Luther and has been sponsored by Subway for the past three years, were required to purchase a kids meal to qualify for the draw, which ran throughout the entire summer. Devon Leogal, the first prize winner walked away with a school bag, exercise books and a football, while the second prize winner Jeremiah Defoe was awarded exercise books and a football and the third prize winner Denise Labassiere only received a football. Four frequent participants of the Program were also tested on their knowledge about Subway after the draw, which was aired live on Kairi FM Radio Station.

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