Three Miss Dominica 2013 Queen Contestants Receives Sponsorship


2013 Queen Contestant, Ms. Kelshia Breezie’s

Three Miss Dominica 2013 Queen contestants officially received sponsorship today, Friday January 11th, 2013.

The young ladies were Miss Melinda Ulysses, Kelshia Breezie and Fatima Noel.

Ms. Denise Charles, Representative of Petro Caribe, spoke on behalf of Ms. Melinda Ulysses as her sponsor.

Ms. Charles said Petro Caribe is adhering to the Prime Minister’s instruction which is to support Dominica’s Culture.

Ms. Diane Etienne, Representative of DA Vibes, is also sponsoring Ms. Ulysses.


2013 Queen Contestant, Ms. Melinda Ulysses

Ms. Etienne said that her organization is very passionate about development and promotion of Dominica’s unique culture and heritage.

Parliamentary Representative for St, Joseph constituency Honorable Kelver Darroux, spoke on Ms. Kelshia Breezie’s  behalf.

He said to have someone representing his community is indeed a plus for St. Joseph.

Ms. Breezie said this is a very special moment for her to have support from her job, community and Aid Bank.


2013 Queen Contestant, Ms. Fatima Noel

Ms. Fatima Noel sponsored by Fast Cash, said she is grateful for the opportunity just to be representing her country and she commends Fast Cash for sponsoring her.

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