Three Separate Charges for Possession of Cannabis

downloadMichael Honore and Moses Durand of Yampiece were jointly charged with possession of cannabis and intent to supply 126 grams of cannabis with a street value of $266.50.

The men were arrested after members of the police task force executed a search warrant at the home of Honore, on the morning of 4th April 2014.

A plastic bag containing the cannabis was found in a couch on which Durand was laying at the time.

In Court on Friday, Durand, said he had visited Honore’s home the night before to view a movie and decided to spend the night over but he was unaware that there were drugs in the house.

After hearing his explanation, and the facts of the matter, Magistrate Arley Gill asked that the charge be re-read to Durand, who this time pleaded not guilty.

The prosecution then withdrew the charge against Durand.

Honore was fined $750 for intent to supply to be paid by 4th June 2014 or in default spend 2 months in prison.

On the charge of possession of cannabis he was reprimanded and discharged.


Meanwhile, a family of three, Michael Williams, his daughter Rohana Williams and son Mandela Williams were jointly charged with possession of cannabis.

The incident occurred on the morning of April 4th 2014 at Yampiece.

They each pleaded not guilty and were bailed for the sum of $500.

The trial is set for 28th August 2014.


In related news, Delroy Victor was reprimanded and discharged after he pleaded guilty to cultivation of 2 cannabis plants that were seized during the execution of a search warrant of his premises on April 4 2014 at Yampiece.

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