Three Strikes and You’re Out!!!

three_strikesRepeat offender, 42 year old, David Telemaque of Goodwill, appeared before Roseau Magistrate Candia George, on Tuesday August 6th.

Telemaque was charged with the theft of $65.00 and $150 in repair costs, for malicious damage to the glass of a Toyota Hiace bus, belonging to Lex Roberts.

He pleaded guilty to both charges.

According to the facts of the case, on Sunday August 4th at about 3am, Telemaque was spotted by police mobile patrol, lurking about suspiciously between vehicles, in the vicinity of Courts, Castle Comfort.

He was approached and searched by a police officer.  Upon completion of the search process, Telemaque ran away, and was observed to have thrown an unidentified object from his pocket.

Mr. Telemaque was chased and detained and a search of the area revealed coins, amounting to $23.14.

The officer also noticed the glass behind the driver seat of the Toyota Hiace bus, registration number HE131, was broken and the vehicle ransacked.

He was then cautioned and charged.

In mitigation, Telemaque stated he was sorry for what he had done and he denied going there with the intention of committing any wrong doing.

Magistrate Candia George noted, since Telemaque was 15 years old he had been in and out of Court for numerous thefts.

He was sentenced to two months imprisonment on the charge of theft and four months for the charge of malicious damage, to run consecutively.

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