Three students awarded five year scholarships by the Carib Council

Carib Chief Mr Garnette Joseph has delivered on his promises to the kalinago community, when three students were presented with scholarship cheques on July 23rd, 2010, under the Carib Council Scholarship Programme.


Mr Joseph said that the scholarship programme will be one of his trademarks during his tenure as Carib Chief, as he values the importance of education in national development.


“If we are talking about change in the Carib Territory, we think that change can only come through and educated kalinago people. We would want to ensure that we have qualified teachers to teach our children, and nurses at our health centres; we want to develop our own human resource base,”  Joseph told the gathering.


The scholarship, which is based on merit, was open to students who got the highest mark in the examinations, but did not qualify for a bursary or scholarship.


Mr Joseph called on the parents to support their children in maintaining the conditions of the scholarships.

“You’ve seen the conditions that we’ve laid out, we would expect you and our child to be able to meet those conditions. We are not asking for anything unusual, the conditions are there to allow you to do a little more and to help the child strive for their best,” Joseph told the parents.


 Principal of the Atkinson Primary School, Mrs Alice Laronde said that while Atkinson is not part of Carib Territory, more than 60 percent of their students are from Carib Territory, and that the school is pleased to be part of the programme.


“I would like to say how happy I am on behalf of the parents and my school too, because we got four scholarships and four bursaries and that will add to it. I would like to thank the Carib Council and I know that the Carib Chief sees education as a priority on his list. He has been doing a lot in Carib Territory and Atkinson as far as education is concerned,” said Mrs Larond.


The scholarship recipients are Winston Junior Valmond of the Atkinson Primary School, Johanson Frederick of the Salybia Primary School and Nelson Valmond of the Sineku Primary School.


According to the Carib Chief, adjustments may be made to the cheque presentation annually, as the students requirements may increase from forms 3 to 5.

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