Three Training Courses End at National Development Foundation of Dominica Ltd.

Floral Arrangement made by participant of the Floral Arrangement Course

Persons are now more knowledgeable in Floral Arrangements, Effective Business Management, and Fundamentals of Employment Law.

This comes as the National Development Foundation of Dominica (NDFD) Ltd held a closing ceremony for the various courses.

70 individuals enrolled in the programs held from July to September 2012.

Executive Director at the NDFD, Mr. Ronald Knight, says at NDFD they always implore people to take advantage of every learning opportunity because it is key to job creation, poverty alleviation and to remain relevant and competitive.

They will also be undertaking new programs including refrigeration, garment making, food preparation and cosmetology.

Facilitator for the Effective Small Business Management Course, Mr. Brendon Defoe, says he delivered what he feels to be a comprehensive overview of what is needed to start a small business successfully.

Topics covered in that area included steps to setting up a small business, marketing and promotion and costing and pricing.

Fundamentals of Employment Law Facilitator, Mr. Gerald Burnett, says business owners need to know the law if their business is going to succeed.

They tried to cover all the laws that required the knowledge of the employer.

Floral Arrangement Facilitator, Mr. Anthony Paul says, with all these florists and decorators available now, there is opportunity for a lot of money to be made.

The participants were all very happy to be a part of their individual programs and thanked the NDFD for making them available.

They received certificates of completion for the various programs.

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