Tip of the Day: Guidelines for Student Teachers

Be on time as punctuality is very important in the ‘real world’ and if you are late, you will definitely not start out on the right foot with your classroom

As a teacher, you are a professional and you are supposed to dress accordingly, especially as the clothes do help lend you an air of authority, especially if you look awfully young.

Follow the school rules – This might seem obvious to some but it is important that you do not break school rules.

Plan ahead and if you know you will need copies for a lesson, do not wait until the morning of the lesson to get them completed, as many schools have procedures that must be followed for copying to occur.

Do not gossip – It might be tempting to hang out in the teacher lounge and indulge in gossip about fellow teachers or students, however, as a student teacher this would be a very risky choice you might say something you could regret later.

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