Tip of the Day: How to have a productive day at work

Train your brain to scan for the good. Say three things you ARE grateful for twenty-one days in a row and you can literally re-wire your brain to be more positive.

Smile while you work. Research shows that bursts of positivity cause people to think more intelligently and creatively, and work more productively. When we are happy, our neurons fire faster and more efficiently.

Brighten your environment. Everything around you—from the color of your walls to the mood of your coworkers—affects the way you think and feel. Surround your desk with pictures and objects that prime you for positivity—your mood and your brain will thank you.

Use your words. Neuroscientists have discovered that verbalizing thoughts can act like a wet blanket on the fire of negative emotions—the simple act of putting emotions into words immediately decreases their magnitude. Keeping a weekly diary also enhances your decision-making skills and improves your progress towards goals

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