Tip of the Day: How to Prepare for Long Drives

long drivesPreparing your car is imperative, long drives usually take its toll on cars, but driving a well-maintained and prepared car will reduce the effects of wear and tear from long driving.

It would also help to have a full tank of gas; it is very risky to set out with a low or near empty gas tank.

If you are going to travel to far places, there is a possibility that you will not encounter any gas station for miles.

Bring some entertainment, your music CDs and if your passengers have TVs, bring some of your movies.

Don’t forget to rest if you have the chance, fatigue is very common and we should let our body rest as well.

Check the fluid levels such as brakes, power steering, automatic transmission fluid, engine oil, water and even the wiper soaped water.

Check your electrical system. See if the lights work and especially the signal and head lights. Check if there are leaks of any sort.

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