Tip of the Day: Keeping Cool Under Pressure at Work

Keeping Cool Under Pressure at Work

Keeping Cool Under Pressure at Work

Stress is no stranger to anyone striving to earn a living in the twenty-first century and if left unaddressed, over a period of time, it will result in loss of productivity, and an increased number of absences due to illness, accidents and emotional problems.

Get sufficient rest, as everything seems worse when you’re tired, so arrange your life so that you get at least 8 hours sleep before every work day.

Avoid conflict and be pleasant and cooperative with everyone, but refuse to get involved in gossip, office politics, or heated discussions.

Keep your priorities straight. Your family comes first. Jobs may come and go but they will be with you for life. If you damage your physical or emotional health through overwork, they will suffer.

Not only will they miss your financial contribution, but more importantly, your cheerful companionship and emotional support. For their benefit, you must maintain stability and balance in your life.

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