Tip of the Day: Keeping Office Relationships Healthy

1. Consideration

Consideration in an office environment is key to having people respect you and your time.

Perhaps you are just having an off day and don’t feel as energetic as the others do, this doesn’t mean they have to stop doing what they are doing because you don’t feel well.

Remember that if you took their feelings, time and emotions into consideration when they weren’t feeling well, they would have done the same for you today.

2. Offering

Offering help to fellow employee will not only make them see a different side of you, but also show your employer that you are someone that can work in a team and manage tasks well.

I’m not saying you should offer help or services every second of every day, but when you leave your desk to go make some coffee why not OFFER your co-workers some too.

They will not only reply with a big smile, but see you as a friend and not only a co-worker.

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