Tip of the Day: Make Yourself Feel Better in a Crisis.

Remind yourself, “It could be worse.”

Making a downward comparison by comparing your situation to people with worse troubles puts your problems into perspective.

Remember your body. Take a twenty-minute walk outside to boost your energy and dissolve stress.

Don’t let yourself get too hungry. Get enough sleep. When you’re anxious, it’s easy to stay up late cruising the internet and eating ice cream — and that’s going to make you feel a lot worse in the long run.

It’s very tempting to run yourself ragged trying to deal with a crisis, but in the long run, you just wear yourself out.

Do something fun.

Distract yourself from the stress, and re-charge your battery, with an enjoyable activity.

Watching a funny movie is a reliable way to give yourself a pleasant break, and listening to your favorite music is one of the quickest ways to change your mood.

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