Tip of the Day: Marcus Garvey presents his “Back to Africa” program in New York City


Marcus Garvey

On this day in 1920, Marcus Garvey presented his “Back to Africa” program in Newyork City.  Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr., was a Jamaican political leader, publisher, journalist, entrepreneur, and orator, who had been a loyal advocate of the Black Nationalism and Pan-Africanism movements.

He founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League.  He also founded the Black Star Line, part of the Back-to-Africa movement, which promoted the return of the African diaspora to their ancestral lands.

His essential ideas about Africa were stated in an editorial in the Negro World entitled “African Fundamentalism”, where he wrote: “Our union must know no clime, boundary, or nationality… to let us hold together under all climes and in every country…”

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