Tip of the Day: Steps to Working Together in the Workplace

CelebrationRespect Space and Time

The first step to working together is to respect the space of others around you.
When you infringe upon another’s space frequently and overbearingly, he generally feels less inclined to want to collaborate with you.

Always ask before entering an office or a cubicle; allow your colleagues to feel as though they have an element of control over their work spaces.

The second step is to respect people’s time. If you are provided entry into a colleague’s office or work area, refrain from jabbering on about personal issues, unless you are specifically invited to do so.

Encourage and Reward Creativity

The third step to working together is to encourage those working with and around you to be as creative as possible, particularly in their various approaches to projects or job-related tasks and responsibilities.

Offer Support and Have Fun

Offering support to everyone working with you or under you is different from offering access to resources.

Working together in the workplace involves maintaining an open-door policy that encourages staffers and peers to come to you with problems that they cannot resolve on their own.

If you cannot help, you can direct that person toward the benefits or resources that can help.


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