Tip of the Day: Taking Care of your Health

healty-livingSchedule a regular checkup with your doctor or health care provider. An annual pap smear, breast exam, blood and urine tests, and an overall assessment of your health will help with your maintenance plan.

Review your eating plan. Prevention is the key, and maintenance of a target weight can be as easy as incorporating more fruits and vegetables (preferably organic), eating whole grains and pulses, focusing on fresh rather than processed foods.

Reduce stress. If you have an ongoing source of stress such as a job where you’re unhappy, or unresolved financial or personal issues, consider finding a way to change your situation or revised your life plan to incorporate more healing, healthy, and life-supporting decisions.

Stress hormones can lead to more damaging long-term problems. Find and remove or minimize the stressors in your life for a more balanced and calm outlook

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