Tip of the Day: Tips to Being a Grateful Person

Realize what a healthy and prosperous life you have, as the life expectancy in most of the human history is only 20-35 years, and most of those years were spent in diseases, poverty, and misery.

Realize what a blessing it is to live in peace, as no matter how rich and healthy you are, life will be full of fear and misery in the time of war.

We tend to see the bad things that happen in our life but overlook the good things which are not good to do.

Open your eyes and be observant of those good things. Even small things matter.

If someone calls you a friend, that is something you should be grateful for, also if a child smiles to you that should remind you that hope is always here in this world.

Focus on giving and you will be grateful if your mind focuses on what you have rather than what you don’t have.

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