Tip of the Day: Tips to Eat Less

Tips To Eat Less

There are countless reasons to eat less, and unless you are underweight, or training for a marathon, there is no reason not to.

Savor the Food, as it takes time for food to travel down to your stomach and for your stomach to tell you that it is full, and the longer you take to eat, the less you will eat.

Eat some fresh vegetables or a handful of nuts 10-20 minutes before eating to help you feel fuller when you start eating and keep you from finishing your plate in 5 minutes.

A cup of hot tea after a meal is a great way to change the taste in your mouth and signal to your body that eating has finished.

Juice, milk, alcohol, and soft drinks are surprisingly high in calories and spike your hunger level, so try substituting them with un-sweet tea or water.

Most snack cravings are stimulated by stress which can be defeated with exercise, so the next time you get a snack craving try doing 10 push-ups, 15 sit-ups , or go for a walk.


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