Tip of the Day: Tips to Stay Sane at Work

Tune Out.

Another technique for managing stress is to simply limit your exposure to office drama.
Close your door if you have a door, or close your mind if you have a mind.

Unless you find it cathartic to get into arguments, when you feel tempted to get involved in office politics, plug in your iPod or music player, stick your headphones in your ears, and just act oblivious.”

Close the Door at the End of the Day

Don’t leave issues unresolved at the end of your workday.

If you have made a mistake or gotten into a hassle, take the time to apologize.

If you go home with stuff left unresolved, it’s hard to feel sane.” On your way home, visualize the door to your workplace closed, and start thinking about what you are looking forward to at home,”


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