Tip of the Day: Ways to Feel Confident, Even When You Arent

confidenceMany people’s confidence naturally wavers from day to day, leaving them too timid or confused at just the wrong time.

Whether you are naturally confident or could use some better eye contact with your life, setting in place a few simple policies goes a long way to stoke your inner confidence.

It is not about you.

Understand people’s actions, even when hurtful, rarely have anything to do with you.

It is easy to read into the negativity of others and see it as a slight to our personality or challenge to our ego.

Buy clothes that fit. Wearing clothes that fit well and flatter, no matter the shape of your body, provides an massive boost to your self-esteem.

Embrace the quiet, Realize you can be comfortable alone with your thoughts and you will provide your internal processes the space needed to develop. This will make you more comfortable with yourself, helping you appear more confident to others.



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