Tip of the Day: Ways to Kick that Never Ending Cold

Sometimes when a cold lingers it is simply because we are dehydrated. This is particularly so if we have run a fever. How can you tell if you are dehydrated? Take a look at your skin. Is it dry or itchy? It may be time to hydrate.

Take a break. Sometimes a cold is the body’s way of telling you to take a rest. If this seems unrealistic remember that chronic illness has a way of slowing you down till you get the message.

Stress impairs our immune functions on a primary biochemical level and on a secondary lifestyle level where we fail to nourish ourselves.

When we are stressed we tend to ignore the basics of self-nourishment eating, hydrating, breathing, sleeping, relaxing and the practice of gratitude and self-love. These are all elements that help us build a healthy immune system.



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