Tip of the Day: Ways to Respect other Religions

ReligionKnow what religion means to you. A philosophy, a way of life or commandments from a divine being.

Religion does not mean the same thing for two people.

For some people, religion is simply something which gives them an uniqueness; like their nationality, age, gender.

For some, it answers life’s questions; why am i here? What happens after death.

If possible, research other religions. A person who is an expert in Religious Studies will know that every religion advises its followers to be good: because people are naturally good.

If you cannot respect a religion, know that its followers are human.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It hurts when some criticize your beliefs; religious or otherwise. It is not possible to control how others react to an insult but you can certainly control yourself. Set an example.

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