Tip of the Day: Ways to Stay Awake

stay-awakeAlthough the short-term buzz you get from coffee is largely psychosomatic, the effect over several hours is undeniable.

Caffeine is a stimulant drug, and coffee has it in abundance, far more so than tea or cola, and proper filter coffee is the strongest, and the nicest, but instant coffee still works.

Good food is the gasoline that makes your engine go, and just as low-grade fuel gives diminished performance from your car, so poor food gives poor performance from your body and your brain.

If you want to be firing on as many cylinders as possible, you need to eat decent regular meals, and drink plenty of fluids like water and fruit juice.

Many people recommend power naps as a quick way of refreshing yourself, however they often have the opposite effect — either you wake up an hour later feeling groggy and just as tired as before, except you have wasted an hour.

Get plenty of fresh air as if you need to stay alert, circulating fresh air will help you to do that.

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