Tip of the Day: What To Wear on a Rainy Day

rainny dayIt can definitely be tough to dress for a rainy day because there are so many things to consider, from what type of material you can wear, to how to stay dry without sacrificing style.

Dressing well when it is raining outside requires a little planning in advance.

Here are some rainy day fashion tips; Do not be scared to wear something bright and fun on a rainy day, as bad weather can be depressing, so why not go out of your way to wear something non-depressing?

Buy a couple of umbrellas in your favorite colors to mix and match rather than sticking to a basic black.

However it is very easy to lose umbrellas so do not spend too much money on them, as they are not investment pieces and you probably will not use them every day.

A classic trench coat is always perfect for rainy weather, especially if you are attending a high level function well dressed and do not want to ruin your outfit.

Suede is off-limits in rain because water usually ruins it, and leather that has not been treated with a protectant can easily be damaged by water as well.

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