Tip of the Day: Why Eating Local is More Beneficial than Produced

Eat-LocalThere is a lot of discussion about eating local and for good reason.  Eating locally grown food has been shown to be good for us and it keeps the local farmers in business.

Before the Industrial Revolution, eating local foods was a way of life.

Foods didn’t travel across land and sea for our pleasure, we ate what we grew.

Save the world, a study in Iowa found that a regional diet consumed 17 times less oil and gas than a typical diet, based on food shipped across the country.

When you eat locally, you eat what’s in season. You’ll remember that cherries are the taste of summer.

Local eating is social, studies show that people shopping at farmers’ markets have 10 times more conversations than their counterparts at the supermarket.

Buying food today is complicated. What pesticides were used? Is that corn genetically modified? Was that chicken free range or did it grow up in a box? When we eat locally grown foods, we tend to eat more vegetables and fewer processed products, sample a wider variety of foods, and eat more fresh food at its nutritional peak.

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