Tishawn Gumbs Receives $9075 Scholarship

Anne Burton

Ms. Anne Burton, Principal of the Orion Academy

Mr.  Tishawn Gumbs, a 4th former at The Orion Academy received distinct acknowledgment for his superb grades amongst many of his other positive attributes on Thursday December 13th.

Edghill Fortune Associates Limted provides scholarships for students such as Tishawn. The first recipient was Mr. Peter Panthier who attended Orion Academy from 1st to 5th form.

Mr. Panthier who graduated in June of last year says that Tishawn deserves to receive this “two year” scholarship.

Presenter of the scholarship Mr. Greg Fortune says he was pleased to once again; provide another student with this opportunity.

Ms. Anne Burton, Principal of the Orion Academy, expressed her heartfelt appreciation to the company and said she could not have been any more grateful.


Mr. Tishawn Gumbs

Tishawn assured his teachers and his mother Ms. Juanita Gumbs, that it was not a mistake to award him with this scholarship.

Tishawn’s mother says she is extremely grateful and proud of her son and this $9,075.00 scholarship will be put to great use.

  • Vince Gumbs

    My son has indeed made me very proud and I know he will do his school proud as well….Go Tishawn!!!!

  • Shanique Gumbs

    I am extremely proud of my brother!! He is doing his family very proud.

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