Titiwi Festival Celebrates Four Years

Smoked Titiwi

For the fourth year the Titiwi Festival was on in Layou on Sunday, September 30th.

Titiwi in all forms including accras, pizzas, pies, boiled titiwi, smoked titiwi, sancoche titiwi, even titiwi balls was offered to excite tastebuds.

Patrons flocked to the beach in Layou to see what interesting styles were offered in one of their most loved dishes.

Secretary of the Layou Improvement Committee, Ms. Alicia Pierre, says they are looking to make Titiwi the next national dish of Dominica.

The festival was not held last year due to the collapse of the Mattieu Dam, and this year the turnout did not seem as massive as in previous years.

Artists were also given a chance to showcase their work at the festival.

Carved Earrings by Tyrone Anthony

Tyrone Anthony, better known as Blessing displayed his wood carvings and was grateful for the opportunity to showcase his work at the festival.

 Ms. Kalina Charles was one of the vendors on that day and said the festival was a good thing for the Layou area and to get people to come together.

Because of the size of Layou, persons have compared Titiwi Festival to that of the World Creole Music Festival, due to the amount of people that flock to the village.

It was also a family day, where one could enjoy kayaking, boat riding, rounders and cricket.


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