Today in History: In 1986, Japanese Prime Minister Insults Blacks

Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone

Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone said the United States “intelligence levels are lower than those in Japan because of African Americans, Hispanics and Puerto Ricans.” Nakasone later apologized saying his remarks were misinterpreted.

  • Nhlanhla

    Just when I thought that the Japanese (establishment) was sympathetic to the cause of human discrimination. Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone thought, in 1986 (24 September), that ‘black people were not intelligent…’! No wonder Japan supported apartheid South Africa clandestinely.

    • Bruno TaTa

      1. Not what he said.
      2. Nations are built of averages. Of course some black people are more intelligent than some white people or japanese people. But on average, multiple studies show Asian IQ at about 104, European about 100, and african about 85. Not even debateable.

      • Tomas Kinoshta

        85 is too high. You must be averaging the Arabs in Africa.

    • Tomas Kinoshta

      apartheid is the only way S Africa can survive. Take apartheid away and the country collapse. Look at Zimbabwe. Bread basket of Africa under White rule. Now Zimbabwe is a food importer. Face it Blacks can’t run a productive country. Just a matter of time when Blacks steal the White S African farms. Your statement is incorrect. Blacks have a lower average IQ than Whites or Japanese. There are some Black genius, just the % is rarer.

  • P. Rushton

    Of course, political correctness aside, he is absolutely correct.
    Please: let the silliness of egalitarinism end with the folly of basing public policy on wishful thinking– but one mustn’t delude their self to the reality of aggeragate racial differences.

  • Bruno TaTa

    Let’s go to the IQ studies and check this out. If we dare.

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