Today in History: In 1998 Dominica Experienced Their Worst Plane Crash Ever

14 years ago  today,  Dominica suffered its worst air disaster when Cardinal Airline Flight 947 from St. Maarten to Dominica disappeared and crashed around 5:33 pm on approaching  the Melville Hall Airport.

The passengers on that plane at the time of the crash including the pilot were serving police officer, Glenville Lewis, Josephine and Nyanna Francois and Jonathan Lake, Latoya James, Valda Simon, Marcus “Alleyne” Webster, Ann-Marie Guye, Marlon Royer and Captain Ilouba “Chris” Adingupu.

A survey of the site revealed that the plane had lost a wing, an engine, and its fuselage, as it ripped through trees before coming to a halt. Bodies were strewn around the wreck.

The battered and bleeding bodies, some with near-severed limbs, were carried on stretchers to a waiting Police vehicle, which took them to the Lyndhurst Funeral Home.

Sunday August 30 was declared a national day of mourning by the Government of Dominica

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