Today in History: Jazz Trumpet Legend Miles Davis Dies in a California Hospital

Jazz Trumpet Legend, Miles Davis

On September 28, 1991, jazz trumpet legend Miles Davis dies in a California Hospital at the age of 65.

In an era when a pop star like Madonna is labeled a “chameleon” merely for risking an occasional change in clothing and hairstyle, our vocabulary may no longer be adequate to describe the nature of an artist like Miles Davis.

In a career that spanned parts of six decades, Miles Davis didn’t simply evolve as an individual musician.

He drove the very evolution of the art form he worked in, pulling much of the jazz world along with him as he moved from one new sound to the next with utter disregard for the critical or popular reaction.

And though the reception to some of the directions Miles Davis took was strongly negative, it never kept him from pursuing new ones. As he once said of himself, “I have to change….It’s like a curse.”


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