Today in History: Journalist Ralph Waldo Tyler was born

Ralph_Waldo_Emerson_On this day in 1860 The Birthday of Ralph Waldo Tyler, journalist, Auditor-General of the Navy and World War I foreign correspondent was born.

The oldest of 12 children, Tyler is believed to have been born in Ohio.

He attended elementary and high schools in Columbus, Ohio, studied a year in Baldwin, Missouri, and began teaching school at age 19.

Tyler taught himself shorthand while working as a janitor at the “Columbus Evening Dispatch.”

He was later given an opportunity to prove his reporting ability. Tyler worked in circulation, business and news departments of the paper and as an assistant to the manager and secretary to the owner.

He became successful as a society reporter. He was the first African American foreign war correspondent and the only accredited African American correspondent in World War I.

Both African American and White newspapers carried Tyler’s stories. He died in 1921.

  • Kelly McCoy Williams

    Ralph Waldo Tyler was my great great uncle, and that, is not him. Please correct the image.

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