Toluwanimi Elizabeth Oyesomi is Valedictorian of All Saints 19th White Coat Ceremony


Valedictorian Elizabeth O. Toluwanimi

25 students of the All Saints University received their white coats, at the 19th White Coat Ceremony held on Saturday August 10th.

Dean of the University, Dr. John Klir, said the recipients have now gained the basic knowledge of various clinical mechanisms as well as different forms of medications.

He believes the students are better equipped on how to use these forms of medications.


Student receiving white coat

According to Dr. Klir, how to obtain patients’ histories was one of the most challenging techniques communicated to the students.

Valedictorian Elizabeth O. Toluwanimi, commended all her staff members including registrar of All Saints, Dr. David Abiodun, for all their sacrificed time and consistent dedication.

Elizabeth explained each professor’s contribution and how they all helped her to capture the Valedictorian Award.

“The professors at the All Saints University are such veterans, I was able to describe certain formulas in my sleep”, she stated.


Student receiving white coat

Over the past two years, the Minister of Education Honourable Petter St. Jean, has had the chance to witness more than 100 hundred students, who have participated in this ceremony.


Student receiving white coat

In a speech directed to the graduands, Mr. St. Jean said and I quote: “I am pleased to be part of this significant milestone in your medical careers, as you prepare to equip yourselves with the knowledge and skills that will make you effective and successful physicians.” 

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