Tools and resource for the nutritional management of HIV/AIDS workshop

HIV.jpgHealth practitioners are being urged to exercise special care, when dealing with patients who are infected with HIV/AIDS.


Mrs. Julie Frampton, Coordinator of the HIV/AIDS Response Program says, cautionary measures must be taken to prevent the spread of this deadly disease.


Mrs. Frampton made this remark at the opening of a workshop, which aims to deal with tools and resource for the nutritional management of HIV/AIDS.


Mrs. Frampton urged the health practitioners at the workshop that at the end, they should share the information they would have learnt throughout, so more people will be sensitized on dealing with HIV/AIDS.


Nutritionist of the Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute (CFNI), Ms. Deborah Henningham says, for the past two decades or more, health professionals throughout the Caribbean region have had interests in nutrition and HIV.


However Ms. Henningham said their efforts were hampered due to the absence of algorithms, tools and guidelines tailored to meet the specific needs of persons living with HIV/AIDS.


Ms. Henningham pointed out that, nutrition plays a critical role in comprehensive response, support and treatment of HIV infected people, as there are complex reactions between nutrition and people with HIV.


The objectives of this two day workshop are; to introduce participants to the algorithms for the nutritional management of HIV/AIDS, to train participants to use algorithms in the field, to introduce participants to resource material to be used, and to train participants to use these materials in the field.


All health teams and hospital officials are present at the workshop, which began on Monday June 11th and ends on Tuesday June 12th.

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