Top Energy Official Says Level Playing Field Needed for Renewable Energy Equipment Importation

One top energy official is calling on the government to level the playing field, so that more effort can be placed into the renewable energy sector to reduce Dominica’s dependency on fossil fuels.

This statement was made by Managing Director Mr. Herve Nizard of Sustainable Earth, a Caribbean Alternate Energy Company which has been established in Dominica since 2007.

He said for the first kilowatt of electricity used, Domlec is not charged value added tax (VAT) however when one solar panel is imported there is VAT on it which is not fair, and if this continues it will not help the drive towards renewable energy use.

Mr. Nizard said although the government has given duty free concessions, this is not enough as there is still 1.5 percent tax for environmental levy and 3 percent tax customs service charge in addition to 15 percent VAT.

He added that up to 30 percent of the energy we use is wasted due to inappropriate installations or in home settings, or our usual way of living, which if we take a more proactive approach we the consumers would be saving a lot of money which can be used for other things.

Mr. Nizard says having natural ventilation, or natural lighting, would significantly reduce our energy consumption especially during these hard economic times and as Dominica has the highest electricity rates in the Caribbean.

The Managing Director pointed out that workshops are necessary to sensitize the public on ways they can live their same lives, while reducing their electrical consumption.

Mr. Nizard says that government should play a more active role in promoting the use of renewable energy in Dominica.


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