Top Level Managers Engage in Seminar for Customer Service

Ben Henry

Top level managers in the Ministry of Health are getting the opportunity to improve and deliver quality customer service.

The Ministry of Health has collaborated with Trevor Hamilton Associates in Jamaica to sensitize them on good customer service.

Ben Henry who works with the association wants the government to buy into the idea that superior service is essential throughout their departments.

The Ministry of Health has joined with other departments in the bureau to take part in the seminar.

Clayton Bryan, Acting Hospital Services Manager says this is quite significant for the hospital since they recently introduced their Quality Management Unit.

The Ministry of Health knows that customer service is very critical in their field and they are grateful for the seminar.

Mrs. Helen Royer, Acting Permanent Secretary, says they have started with top managers so they can pass on the information to the rest of their staff.

The Permanent Secretary is optimistic that the training will allow the participants to perform better and advance consumer relations.

Ms. Caeserina Ferrol, Principal Nursing Officer, wants her nurses to provide superb service to their patients.

The workshop continues through next week at the Public Service Training Center.

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