Topper Top releases New DVD

Local Artist- Topper Top

One young man who goes by the name of “Topper Top” has proven that “all things are possible with faith” as he release his brand new DVD.

He says that things have been difficult with him since his childhood days when his mother left him with his grandmother at 3 months, but he never lost hope.

Topper Top says this is the reason he got involved into his music.

According to the young man, when he moved to his father’s home, he got introduced to different music genres such a reggae seeing that his father owned a bar.

He says so far he has gotten a lot of support from family, friends and Grandbay residents in particular.

Toper Top mentioned that  although he did many wrong things in the past which lead him into sticky situations, he is thankful to the radio stations such as KARI FM, Q95 and DBS for playing his music.


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