Tourism Minister advises the nation to ‘experience Dominica’s under water life’



The Dominica Watersports Association in collaboration with Jewellers International and the Swiss Army Victorinox indeed complimented the image that Dive Fest portrays with the addition of exotic mermaids as they launched “Dive Fest 2010” on July 9th at the Fort Young Hotel.


The very popular Dive Fest is a two week event which begins on July 9th -18th with the primary aim of promoting and marketing Dominica’s underwater life.


Mr Simon Walsh, president of the DHTA said that Dive Fest faces serious issues in many areas which include, maintaining sustainability of the marine resources, ensuring that the dive products are marketed internationally, maintaining the standards and procedures of water sports operations and also promoting education. He also expressed gratitude to the Discover Dominica Authority for their continuous support in the success of Dive Fest.


Minister for Tourism and Legal Affairs, Honourable Ian Douglas, encouraged the public to visit Dominica’s under water life as it’s a breath taking experience and also expressed how elated he is to be associated with Dive Fest. He added that the government of Dominica will continue to lend a hand to Dive Fest as it has been recognized that this event contributes tremendously to Dominica’s economy.


Some of the sponsors include Jewellers International, Swiss Army/Victorinox, Discover Dominica Authority, and many other local businesses.

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