Tourism Minister recognizes the importance of domestic and foreign investment to dominica’s economy

Dominica’s ultimate reliance on foreign and domestic investments linked to the tourism sector is being highlighted by the island’s tourism minister, Honorable Ian Douglas.


The Ministry of Tourism is calling on citizens to recognize the key role that investment plays in the development of the country’s economy and the amount of lives that are impacted from its many benefits especially in the tourism sector.


Honorable Douglas believes that it is important for dominica to safeguard its relationship with investors in this area.


The minister believes that dominica’s natural attributes positions the country to take full advantage of the many investment opportunities that may be presented from time to time.


He says his constituency, for instance, is just one of the areas where these types of development is being explored and enjoyed by many.


The tourism minister says Dominicans should also be proud that the country is recording increased positive visitors reviews from several agencies in the tourism sector.


This he believes, again, positions Dominica on the map for more investment opportunities in that regard.

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