Tourism Minister says Greater Cooperation Needed in Tourism Industry

Minister of Tourism and Legal Affairs, Honourable Ian Douglas

Minister of Tourism and Legal Affairs, Honourable Ian Douglas says that greater appreciation and cooperation is needed for tourism to be much more beneficial in Dominica.

Mr. Douglas made the statement as World Tourism Day was recognized on Thursday September 27th.

He said that tourism is very important all around the world, but it is the most important sector in Dominica because of its ability to generate a lot of income.

Although in the past World Tourism Day has not received a grand celebration in Dominica compared to Tourism Awareness Month, his ministry in the upcoming years will be looking to upscale the recognition of this day, while making it an annual event.

World Tourism Day was celebrated under the theme “Tourism and Sustainable Energy, Powering Sustainable Development.”

Mr. Douglas stated that Dominica is well placed in this effort, bearing in mind our exciting initiatives at harnessing the potential of our geothermal resources.

At the ministry they are looking forward in the near future where they can produce cheaper energy for driving our industries, and more particularly for the tourism industry, as the Government continues to pursue geothermal energy with purpose.

Tourists in Dominica

The Tourism Minister says all this is being done with the single goal of providing Dominicans with a reduced cost of energy, while providing greater opportunities for doing business here.

As the Caribbean and specifically Dominica prepares for the commencing of the Tourism Season including the Cruise Season on Monday October 1st, it is important that we in Dominica, consolidate our efforts and put all measures in place to take advantage of the opportunities that awaits us.

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