Tourism Minister says Taiwan’s Contribution to Dominica was minor

ian douglas.jpgTaiwan’s contribution to Dominica prior to 2004, was found to be very unfavorable with the current contribution, being made by mainland China over the past eight years.


These were the words of Tourism Minister Honourable Ian Douglas, while addressing Dominica Labour Party’s (DLP) supporters at a delegates conference.


He said that the Chinese have done so much for Dominica, in comparison to what the Taiwanese were doing, mentioning the construction of the new State College and the West Coast Highway Project amongst others.


Mr. Douglas said that relations with Beijing has been very fruitful, resulting multimillion dollar assistance to Dominica, which represents the vision of the Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit.


He also added that besides the critics, the persons who live in the communities along the West Coast, are experiencing the benefits of the West Coast Road Project, which was only possible through ties with China.


Mr. Skerrit was instrumental in getting Dominica to sever diplomatic ties with Taiwan and open relations with the Peoples Republic of China.


This statement came as the opposition United Workers Party (UWP), continues to criticize Mr. Skerrit’s DLP administration, for abandoning Taiwan eight years ago to adopt the “One China policy,” which a lot of details of the agreement have not been disclosed.


However the government insists that, the move was an inspirational one that has provided a tremendous support to the continued development of Dominica.


The UWP and other critics of the government continue to demand Mr. Skerrit as Prime Minister to publish the full memorandum of understanding (MOU) his government signed with China, when the two countries became diplomatic allies in March of 2004.

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