Trafalgar Summer camp comes to a close

Parliamentary representative for the Roseau Valley Constituency, Honorable Dr Collin McIntyre has called on young persons in his constituency to take up the responsibility in caring for the environment.


Dr McIntyre made this appeal while addressing a closing ceremony for a summer camp program held in the community of Trafalgar from August 3rd to 13th, 2010.


During the program, the students focused on themes relating to the environment and held a number of fun activities including arts and crafts, sports and educational drills as well as discussions facilitated by the Forestry Division.


“Get accustomed to being conscious of the environment. Make sure that if you’re travelling on a vehicle, any sort of product that cannot be broken down into the environment naturally, that you dispose of it properly,” cautioned McIntyre.


The summer camp program catered for four groups of children from the communities of Trafalgar, Laudat, Canefield and Fond Cole.


Dr McIntrye encouraged the children to conserve and protect Dominica’s natural resources at all times.


According to him, “we are blessed in Dominica with an abundance of water. You may think that its too mountainous but it is a blessing but what I would want you to do is to cherish it.”


All students received participation certificates which were presented by the director of the program.

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