Traffic Management and Security to be Amped for the World Creole Music Festival

Superintendent of Police, Ms. Yvonne Alexander

A press conference was held on Tuesday October 16th, at the Police Headquarters to discuss traffic management and security at the 16th edition of the World Creole Music Festival.

Superintendent of Police, Ms. Yvonne Alexander says the World Creole Music Festival is one of international appeal and this attracts large crowds on Island.

She says there are challenges in the level of security they provide to the general public but they are up to the challenge.

 She says one incident that gets out of control can impact on the perceived enjoyment of the event.

The venue for the WCMF poses challenges and with that comes traffic management and control issues.

Mr. Ainsworth Irish, ASP in charge of Committee Policing says Arrangements will be put in place to reduce the congestion during the festival, which includes carpooling.

Over the years the Police have had the cooperation of the police and this year they expect it to be no different.

From the police standpoint they will ensure that traffic management is in place.

The police are asking persons who will be attending the festival to inform a neighbor or friend that they are leaving to go to the event.

This will help in the event that something unfortunate does happen and the police can act swiftly.

They are asking that Bath Road be free at all times in case of an emergency.

Only residents who own motor vehicles will be permitted to enter into that area, once they have closed it off.

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